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A Life Less Ordinary - the Ritualization of the Domestic Sphere in Later Prehistoric Europe
>> 1,09mb
R. Bradley
Cambridge Archaeological Journal 13:1, 5–23 2003

A Mortuary Perspective on Political Changes in Late Minoan II-IIIB Crete >>564kb
L. Preston
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Anthropology, archaeology, and the origin of warfare >>425kb
I.J.N. Thorpe
World Archaeology Vol. 35(1): 145–165

Archaeology, science-based archaeology and the mediterranean bronze age metals trade >>258kb
A. B. Knapp
European Journal of Archaeology Vol. 3(1): 31-56

Archaeometric study of protohistoric grinding tools of volcanic rocks found in the Karst (Italy-Slovenia) and Istria (Croatia) >>458kb
F. Antonelli / L. Lazzarini / F. Bernardini / S. Capedri / E. Montagnari Kokelj
Archaeometry 46, 4 (2004) 537–552.

Caring about Sediments: The Role of Cultural Geoarchaeology in Mediterranean Landscapes >>966kb
K. Walsh
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Comparisons and the Case for Interaction among Neanderthals and Early Modern Humans in Levant >>125kb
D. Kaufman
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Creating an Imperial Frontier: Archaeology of the Formation of Rome's Danube Borderland >>380kb
P. S. Wells
Journal of Archaeological Research, Vol. 13, No. 1, March 2005

Cross-Cultural Approaches in Archaeology: Comparative Ethnology, Comparative Archaeology, and Archaeoethnology >>145kb
P. N. Peregrine
Journal of Archaeological Research, Vol. 12, No. 3, Sept. 2004

Cyberspace/cyberpast/cybernation: constructing Hellenism in hyperreality >>977kb
Y. Hamilakis
European Journal of Archaeology Vol. 3(2): 241-264

Dietary evenness, prey choice, and human–environment interactions >>297kb
E. L. Jones
Journal of Archaeological Science 31 (2004) 307–317

Digital preservation and access >>138kb
J. D. Richards
European Journal of Archaeology Vol. 5(3): 343–366

Direct radiocarbon dates for Vindija G1 and Velika Pećina Late Pleistocene hominid remains >>100kb
F. H. Smith / E. Trinkaus / P. B. Pettitt / I. Karavanić / M. Paunović
PNAS, October 26, 1999, vol. 96, no. 22

Early medieval port customs, tolls and controls on foreign trade >>419kb
N. Middleton
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Environmental history in the Mediterranean world >>728kb
K. W. Butzer
Journal of Archaeological Science 32 (2005) 1773-1800

Food and drink in european prehistory >>318kb
J. Wood
European Journal of Archaeology Vol. 3(1): 89-111

Foraging Theory and Hypothesis Testing in Archaeology: An Exploration of Methodological Problems and Solutions >>105kb
K. J. Gremillion
Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 21, 142–164 (2002)

Getting "Out of Africa": Sea Crossings, Land Crossings and Culture in the Hominin Migrations >>350kb
R. Derricourt
Journal of World Prehistory (2005) 19:119–132

Hoards, votives, offerings: the archaeology of the dedicated object >>133kb
R. Osborne
World Archaeology Vol. 36(1): 1–10 2004

House societies vs. kinship-based societies: An archaeological case from Iron Age Europe >>3,34mb
A. González-Ruibal
Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 25 (2006) 144–173

Houses and burials at Lepenski Vir >>1,06mb
I. Radovanovic
European Journal of Archaeology Vol. 3(3): 330-349

Humans as ritual victims in the later prehistory of Western Europe >>101kb
M. Green
Oxford Journal of Archaeology 17(2) 1998

Innovation, production and specialization in early prehistoric copper metallurgy >>10,0mb
B.S. Ottaway
European Journal of Archaeology Vol. 4(1): 87-112

Μινωπαιδιές: the Minoan civilization in Greek primary education >>375kb
A. Simandiraki
World Archaeology Vol. 36(2): 177–188

Metals, salt, and slaves: Economic links between Gaul and Italy from the eight to the late sixth centuries BC >>284kb
D. Nash Briggs
Oxford Journal of Archaeology 22(3) 243–259 2003

"Milk jugs" and other myths of the copper age of Central Europe >>480kb
O. E. Craig
European Journal of Archaeology Vol. 6(3): 251–265

More Circe than Cassandra: The princess of Vix in ritualized social context >>2,44mb
C. J. Knüsel
European Journal of Archaeology Vol. 5(3): 275–308

Neanderthal diet at Vindija and Neanderthal predation: The evidence from stable isotopes >>97kb
M. P. Richards / P. B. Pettitt / E. Trinkaus / F. H. Smith / M. Paunović / I. Karavanić
PNAS, June 20, 2000, vol. 97, no. 13

Near Eastern Sources for the Palace of Alkinoos >>1,79mb
E. Cook
American Journal of Archaeology Vol 108-No.1; January 2004

People and Space in Early Agricultural Villages: Exploring Daily Lives, Community Size, and Architecture in the Late Pre-Pottery Neolithic >>434kb
I. Kuijt
Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 19, 75–102 (2000)

Pioneers in the hills: early mesolithic foragers at Šebrn Abri (Istria , Croatia) >>1,79mb
P.Miracle / N. Galanidou / S. Forenbaher
European Journal of Archaeology Vol. 3(3): 293-329

Pots , Slavs and "imagined communities": slavic archaeologies and the history of the early Slavs >>448kb
F. Curta
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Power and ritual in Neopalatial Crete: a regional comparison >>626kb
E. Adams
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"Princely graves"' of the central Balkans – a critical history of research >>1,20mb
S. Babić
European Journal of Archaeology Vol. 5(1): 70–88

Proportion and personality in the Fayum Portraits >>628kb
A.J.N.W. Prag
BMSAES 3 (2002), 55-63

Radiocarbon evidence for maritime pioneer colonization at the origins of farming in west Mediterranean Europe >>299kb
J. Zilhão
PNAS, November 20, 2001, vol. 98, no. 24

"Reading" greek vases? >>47kb
J. Boardman
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Romancing the Stones: Archaeology in Popular Cinema >>1,79mb
M. A. Hall
European Journal of Archaeology Vol. 7(2): 159–176

Slavery or freedom - The causes of early medieval Europe's economic advancement >>108kb
J. Henning
Early Medieval Europe 2003 12 (3) 269-277

Slavs in Fredegar and Paul the Deacon - Medieval gens or scourge of God >>582kb
F. Curta
Early Medieval Europe 1997 6 (2) 141-167

"Terra deserta": population, politics and the (de)colonization of Dacia >>1,14mb
L. Ellis
World Archaeology Vol 30(2): 220-237, 1998

The chronology of Neolithic dispersal in Central and Eastern Europe >>622kb
P. Dolukhanov / A. Shukurov / D. Gronenborn / D. Sokoloff / V. Timofeev / G. Zaitseva
Journal of Archaeological Science 32 (2005) 1141-1458

The Concept of Waste in an Evolutionary Archaeology >>44kb
R. C. Dunnell
Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 18, 243–250 (1999)

The Early Upper Paleolithic of Croatia >>210kb
I. Karavanić
Mediterranean Prehistory Online 1998

The Extinction of Iberian Neandertals and Its Implications for the Origins of Modern Humans in Europe >>129kb
J. Zilhão
Mediterranean Prehistory Online 1998

The fluidity of barbarian identity - the ethnogenesis of Alemanni and Suebi, AD 200-500 >>250kb
H. J. Hummer
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The Inconstant Moon - Lunar Astronomies in Different Cultures >>2,64mb
S. C. McCluskey
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The Middle Paleolithic of the East Mediterranean Levant >>497kb
J. J. Shea
Journal of World Prehistory, Vol. 17, No. 4, December 2003

The Neanderthal dead: exploring mortuary variability in Middle Palaeolithic Eurasia >>1,69mb
P. B. Pettitt
Before Farming 2002/1 (4)

The Neolithic In Anatolia: A Review Of The Archaeological Data >>491kb
P. Pardo Mata
Mediterranean Prehistory Online 1999

The Neolithic Invasion of Europe >>414kb
M. Richards
Annual Review of Anthropology 2003. 32:135–62

The Order of Battle in the Roman Army - Evidence from Marching Camps >>70kb
A. Richardson
Oxford Journal of Archaeology 20(2) 171–185 2001

The politics of storytelling: electronic media in archaeological interpretation and education >>114kb
C. Clarke
World Archaeology Vol. 36(2): 275–286

The sea as a place of no return in ancient Greece >>4,41mb
A. Lindenlauf
World Archaeology Vol. 35(3): 416–433

The tale of the sword – swords and swordfighters in Bronze Age Europe >>185kb
K. Kristiansen
Oxford Journal of Archaeology 21(4) 319–332 2002

The use and significance of socketed axes during the late bronze age >>302kb
B. Roberts / B. S. Ottaway
European Journal of Archaeology Vol. 6(2): 119–140

"There's something rotten in the state . . .": Bad smells in antiquity >>1,37mb
L. Bartosiewicz
European Journal of Archaeology Vol. 6(2): 175–195

Traditions in transition: Some thoughts on late bronze age and early iron age burial costumes from the northern Caucasus >>808kb
S. Reinhold
European Journal of Archaeology Vol. 6(1): 25–54

Tragovi bizantskog urbanizma u Hrvatskoj >>475kb
Z. Karač
Prostor Vol. 3(1995), No. 2(10) 285-298

Tripods, Triglyphs, and the Origin of the Doric Frieze >>1,55mb
M. W. Jones
American Journal of Archaeology Vol 106-No.3; January 2002

Visible Writing - Questions of Script and Identity in Early Iron Age Greece and Cyprus >>109kb
S. Sherratt
Oxford Journal of Archaeology 22(3) 225–242 2003

Zooarchaeology and Historical Archaeology: Progress and Prospects >>207kb
D. B. Landon
Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory, Vol. 12, No. 1, March 2005


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