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Student conference "Warrior in life and death"

Student archaeology club (S.K.A.) from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb, organizes a student conference "Warrior in life and death" which will be held between 26th February and 1st March in Grad mladih, Zagreb.

The main theme of the conference is warrior, an important link in every society which can be viewed from many aspects. The theme is, from archaeological viewpoint, very thankful because it embraces all time periods (from palaeolithic warrior-hunter to heavily armoured middle-aged knight). Possibilities of organizing seminars and workshops are inexhaustible: from portraiting weapons and equipment used in various time periods to comparing particular segments of warrior life. The term „war“ is also closely tied to the theme and it can be comprehensive elaborated in student seminars. The idea is to try and approach some problems tied to warrior societies. Analogies and similarities in weapons, warfare equipment and basic conceptions of warfare are not exclusively horizontal, but have stabilized types of functioning through all time periods. Also, the theme is not exclusively tied to archaeology - it can be portraited by other fields - history, etnology, philosophy or antropology.

The main goal of the conference is to connect students of archaeology on a regional level. Other goals of the project are to exchange information among students in many levels, taking other disciplines into consideration while using the interdisciplinary approach when organizing and realizing the project. Also, to bond and strenghten the cooperation between students from Croatia as well as students from nearby countries.

Official languages of the conference: Croatian and English.


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