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Welcome to the web site of the Student archaeology club of Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb!


About the club

S.K.A. is the club of students of archaelogy on the Faculty of Philosophy on the University of Zagreb. It was founded on November 8th 2002. The founded club carried on with the activities of the former student club founded in 1998. by the students of the 1st and 2nd year; Z. Čučković, B. Magdić, T. Pobi, F. Sirovica and M. Vojković. The administration of the club S.K.A. consisted of: Antonio Džaja, who was elected president, the late Davorka Glavačević, who carried the duty of the vice-president and Filomena Sirovica, who was the club's secretary. Andrea Devlahović, Tomislav Jerončić and Boris Magdić were elected for the auditing committee.

On January 14th 2003, the club entered the Register of Student Clubs of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport. By April 2003 the club was registered in all the necessary state registers.

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