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The journal ''Fragmenti'' (Fragments) is the first serious attempt, in the last fifteen years, of creating a journal by the students of archaeology. The idea to create a journal that will deal with archaeology from the students' perspective existed for a long time. ''Fragmenti'' is the first attempt of the realisation of this idea. The first number of this journal was printed in December 2003.

The topics this journal deals with can be organised in several categories: discussing the problems of studying archaeology on our Faculty and comparisons with the same in other countries, general subjects with special accent on the culture of living in the past, practical work and methodology in general and, finally, the news from the world of archaeology.

It is not our intention to concentrate on describing and analysing the particular archaeological finds or on their typological and methodological assesing. Our goal is to present to the students the area of this particular science that doesn't deal with the main issues of this profession. Also, our goal is to encourage new ideas and interpretations. The purpose of this journal is to give the students a glance into the subjects and those domains of archaeology that are not covered on the Department of Archaeology.

Besides the topics that are exclusively archaeological we are trying to incorporate topics from sciences that are in some way related to archaeology and thus encourage the interaction with students from other departments, with the emphasis on the importance of interdisciplinary approach to science. The basic idea of this journal is to inform the reader about the problems of dealing with archaeology both as science and as a profession. We are trying to create a medium that will, above all, improve the study of archaeology, encourage the students to participate in the activities of the Department of Archaeology, encourage interaction with the students of other Departments, give the students a chance to excercise their writing skils and present archaeology to a broader audience. This journal is not intended solely for students of archaeology and archaeologists, but to all who share our interest in the human past.

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