Female figurine - Bijelo Brdo - Dalj type of the encrusted pottery - Middle Bronze Age (14th century BC) - Eastern Slavonia, Croatia - (Archaeological Museum Zagreb)


List of Speakers

V. Adrymi-Sismani
"Le site chalcolithique de Microthèbes au carrefour du monde égéen et des Balkans du Nord"

E. Andrikou
 "New evidence on Mycenaean bronze corslets from Thebes, Boeotia and its relation to the Bronze Age sequence of corslets in Greece and Europe"

S. Aliu
"Body and clothes ornaments found in the tumuli of Kolonja region"

S. Babiæ
"'Translation Zones' or Gateway Communities Revisited: The case of Trebeniste and Sindos"

J. Balen & S. Miheliæ
"Silver axes from Stari Jankovci and the problem of finds of noble metals during the Early Bronze Age in continental Croatia"

L. Bejko
"Group Identity and Cultural Exchange in the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age Albania"

C. Belardelli & M. Bettelli
"Different technological levels of pottery productions: Barbarian Ware and Pseudominyan pottery between the Aegean and Europe in the Late Bronze Age"

N. Bolohan
"New stories about buffer territories in the Balkans"

E. Borgna Elisabetta & P. Cassola Guida
"At the Fringe of the Tumuli Culture: Bronze Age Tumuli of North-eastern Italy between Europe and the Aegean"

J. Bouzek
"Amber route and amber trade, from north to south and back"

A. Chrysostomou & A. Georgiadou
"Siedlungen und Nekropolen der späten Bronze-und frühen Eisenzeit in Alt-Almopia (NW-Griechenland)"

M. Cultraro
"Evidence of amber in Sicily: the Balkan-Mycenaean connection"

J. Czebreszuk
"Amber between the Baltic and the Aegean in the 3rd and 2nd millennia BC (An outline of major issues)"

W. David
"Gold and bone artefacts as evidence of mutual contact between the Aegean, the Carpathian Basin and southern Germany in the second millennium BC"  

B. Eder
"Centre - Periphery - Margin: The Mycenaean World and the Balkans "

C. Enachescu
"The Cernavoda III-Boleráz Phenomenon: Eneolithic, Kupferzeit, Jungsteinzeit or Early Bronze Age"

M. Galaty
"'There Are Prehistoric Cities Up There...':  The Bronze and Iron Ages in Northern Albania"
I. Gatsov & Dr E. Karimali
"Lithic assemblages in northern and southern Aegean during the Bronze age: A comparison"

A. Harding
"Interconnections between the Aegean and continental Europe in the Bronze and Early Iron Ages: moving beyond scepticism"

B. Hänsel
"Ägäische Siedlungsstrukturen in Monkodonja / Istrien?"

V. Heyd
"When the West meets the East: Perspectives on the interaction of the Bell Beaker phenomenon and the Aegean Cultures in the later 3rd Mill. BC"

B. Horejs
"Macedonia – an inter-mediator between cultural spheres?"

M. Ivanova
"Things Unfound: Aspects of Warfare in the Early Bronze Age Aegean and the Neighbouring Regions"

R. Jung
"Brandbestattung in der spätbronzezeitlichen Ägäis: aus dem inneren Balkan, aus Kleinasien oder aus Italien?"

S. Kadrow
"Polish Carpathians in the Early Bronze Age - the North-Eastern Outskirts of Aegean World?"

K. Kalogeropoulos
"Miniature Clay Anthropomorphic Representations in Greece and Europe through the Late Mycenaean Period: Similarities and Differences"

V. Kiss
"Contacts along the Danube: a boat-model from the Early Bronze Age"

K. Kristiansen
"Bronze Age interaction and the Minoan connection"

Z. Kujundžiæ-Vejzagiæ
"Contribution to the study of communications and cultural links between the region of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Aegean world in the Bronze and early Iron Ages - Via Cadmeia (later the Via Egnatia) and the river Neretva valley"

T. Larsson
 "Northern Europe in the Bronze Age: the Propagation of a Mediterranean Elite Ideology"

K. Leshtakov
"Eastern Balkans in the System of Aegean Economy in the LBA. Ox-hide and Bun-ingots in Bulgarian Lands"

D. Ložnjak Dizdar
"Contribution to understanding of (non)existing relations between Croatian Danube region and Aegean at the beginning of the second millennium BC"

J. Maran
"Sea-borne Contacts between the Aegean, the Balkans and the Central Mediterranean in the 3rd millennium BC - The Unfolding of the Mediterranean World"

K. Mihoviliæ
"Istrian contacts with the Aegean through the Early Iron Age"

D. Mitrevski
"The Vardar Valley- Main Communication Line North of the Mycenaean World"

S. Müller-Celka
"A reassessment of the origin of Helladic tumuli"

F. Nicolis & M. Artursson
"Cultural relations between the Mediterranean and the Baltic sea during the Bronze age: the role of northern Italy and Southern Sweden"

G. Nightingale
"Lefkandi, an important node in the international exchange network of jewellery and personal adornment"

L. Nikolova & T. Dzhanfezova
"Approach to the Interrelation between the Social Complexity and Interregional Communication in the Balkans during the Bronze Age"

K. Nikov
"South Thrace and Troy VII b2-3 reconsidered"

A. Palavestra
"Was there an Amber Route?"

N. Palincaº
"Contacts with the Aegean and their Social Impact in the Late Bronze Age at the Lower Danube"

E. Papadopoulou
"Western Greece and the North in the Bronze Age: The evidence of metalwork and artifacts"

A. Papazovska
"Matt-painted pottery from the Early Iron Age in R. of Macedonia"

K. Paschalidis
"Euboea in the crossroads of metals trade. The Aegean and the Pontic Sea in the Late Bronze Age"

P. Popoviæ
"Les pseudocanthares balkaniques"

H. Potrebica
"Mycenean Relations of the Early Iron Age religion at the Balkans and the Hallstatt Culture"

J. Rambach
"Olympia and Andravida-Lechaina: two sites in the NW-Peloponnese with indications of cultural contacts with the NW-Balkans, Lower Italy and Malta towards the end of the Early Helladic and the beginning of the Middle Helladic Period."

A. Sherratt
"The two 'amber routes': the Danubian axis and the Transalpine axis as alternative links between the Mediterranean and the North."

S. Sherratt
"Another look at the Makarska hoard"

K. Œlusarska-Michalik
"Some Remarks on the Possibilities of Existence an "Eastern Branch" in the System of Amber Routes in Late Bronze and Early Iron Age"

T. Stoyanov
"On the cultural contacts of Thrace with the Aegean during the Early Iron Age"

B. Teržan
"Ägäisch-adriatische Kontakte in der späten Bronze- und frühen Eisenzeit. Behandelt werden charakteristische Tracht- und Schmuckgruppen im nordadriatischen und ägäisch-griechischen  Raum im Vergleich."

G. Touchais & P. Lera
"L'Albanie méridionale et le monde égéen à l'âge du Bronze: problèmes chronologiques et rapports culturels"

S.M. Valamoti
"Food across borders: a consideration of the neolithic and bronze age archaeobotanical evidence from northern Greece."

Z. Videvski
 "The  Mycenaean influence in the R. Macedonia - through the findings of the the Late Bronze Age necropolises"

A. Yasur-Landau & M. Guzowska
"The Balkans and the Orient? Handmade Burnished Ware in Cyprus and the Levant"