Female figurine - Bijelo Brdo - Dalj type of the encrusted pottery - Middle Bronze Age (14th century BC) - Eastern Slavonia, Croatia - (Archaeological Museum Zagreb)
2nd circular,
Zagreb, 28 November 2004

The Department of Archaeology, University of Zagreb, invites you to the International Conference:


Bronze and Early Iron Age Interconnections and Contemporary Developments between the Aegean and the Regions of the Balkan Peninsula, Central and Northern Europe

University of Zagreb, 11-14 April 2005
Female figurine - Bijelo Brdo - Dalj type of the encrusted pottery - Middle Bronze Age (14th century BC) - Eastern Slavonia, Croatia - (Archaeological Museum Zagreb)

On behalf of the Organising Committee we would like to thank you for your enthusiastic response to our 1st Circular for the conference on Aegean Archaeology to be held at the University of Zagreb.

We are distributing the second circular a bit later than initially planned. The reason for this is our desire to collect titles of papers from those scholars who have expressed their interest in speaking at the conference. All titles are not yet with us, but what we have received portends a fruitful gathering indeed. Some titles, however, indicate that certain points require further clarification. This is the main purpose of the second circular, along with informing you of other important issues.

The Organising Committee would like to draw your attention to the following:

  • The main objective of this Conference is to shed light on relations between the Aegean and the regions of the Balkans, Central, and Northern Europe. Relations between neighbouring regions, including those that span over current state borders, are also welcome provided that they are placed into a wider perspective of long-distance interconnections. Papers which intend to present new material from excavations, analyse social structures, or to focus on parallel developments, will be accepted as long as they bear upon the main issue of long-distance relations amongst the aforementioned regions. You are kindly requested to follow this guideline since, due to a large number of interested speakers, we will not be able to accept those abstracts that are not strictly relevant to the main objective of the Conference as clearly set out in our 1st Circular.
  • The chronological framework is Bronze and Early Iron Age according to Aegean chronology. Thus, the Late Geometric Period (ca. 700 B.C.) should be considered as the terminus for the Early Iron Age. Papers which go beyond this chronological limit, unfortunately, cannot be accepted.
  • Due to the late arrival of some titles, and consequently the late distribution of this circular, the deadline for the submission of abstracts is extended until 15 January 2005. Abstracts should be sent to either of the addresses below. In order to speed up the process, we encourage you to send them via e-mail.
  • Due to a great number of interested participants, the length of papers should not exceed 20 minutes.
  • Along with previously announced English and French, we now include German as the official language of the Conference.
  • A web-site is currently under construction and will provide all details regarding the presentation of papers, as well as the venue, accommodation and costs.
  • A poster session will be arranged during the Conference.
  • The Conference will be followed by an optional archaeological visit to the regions of Istria and Dalmatia, details of which will be posted on the web-site.
It is our intention to publish the presented papers as a separate volume of the Aegaeum series, whose general editor is Prof. R. Laffineur of the University of Liège;.

We look forward to receiving your abstracts and seeing you in Zagreb next April.

Dr. Helena Tomas, Organiser on behalf of the University of Zagreb

Organising Committee:

Robert Laffineur (R.Laffineur@ulg.ac.be)
Ioanna Galanaki (ioanna.galanaki@durham.ac.uk)
Helena Tomas (htomas@ffzg.hr)
Yannis Galanakis (ioannis.galanakis@keble.ox.ac.uk)

Stelios Andreou
John Bennet
Jan Bouzek
Nenad Cambi
Advisory Board:

Jack Davis
Florens Felten
Anthony Harding
Reinhard Jung
Manfred Korfmann
Joseph Maran
Andrew Sherratt
Sue Sherratt

Please Contact:

in Croatia:

Helena Tomas
Department of Archaeology
Faculty of Philosophy
Ivana Lučića 3
10 000 Zagreb

e-mail: htomas@ffzg.hr
TEL: ++385 (0)98 316992
FAX: ++385 (0)1 6120237
or, in Greece:

Ioanna Galanaki
British School at Athens
Souedias 52
106 76 Athens

e-mail: ioanna.galanaki@durham.ac.uk
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